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Tourist Visa and invitation



This visa type, which is the cheapest and the easiest to get, is issued to tourists, who have booked accommodation in Russia for non-business reason. It can be used for a short tour for a precise number of days up to maximum of thirty. Extension is not possible! Russian travel visas may be single and double entry. Single entry visa only permits you to enter and exit the country once. If you plan to travel outside of Russia and then to return you will need a double entry Russian travel visa, which is available at some Russian consulates but it costs more and the exact dates of both entries/exits from Russia are stated in it.

Sample of tourist invitation:
Here is the sample of the
Official Invitation you get from the "Acme" hotel:

How to get the Visa invitation?
Complete application form and send it to us. Within 24 hours our hospitality managers will issue a tourist invitation (whcih is also called a tourist voucher) and send it back to you by fax.

To get the tourist invitation you should:

  • Fill in the application form (see below)
  • pay for the invitation, if you are not staying at Acme hotels
How much it costs and how long it takes to get the invitation?

Guests, staying at Acme hotels
 24 hours   free
Guests, not staying at Acme hotels
 24 hours 30 euro
The application form for the tourist invitation:

First name:
Middle name:
Check in date:
Check out date:
Date of birth:
Passport number:
Issue and Expiry dates:

Getting visa at the Consulate
After obtaining the official invitation letter an applicant should apply to the local Russian Embassy or Consulate, submit all the necessary documents (such as passport and insurance), pay the consular fee and get the visa in 2 weeks’ time maximum. You can find contacts of all Russian Embassies and Consulates on web-page:

After crossing the border
After receiving the invitation, one should contact the Russian Embassy (Consulate) to get the relevant information about the required package of documents, payment of consular fees, filling in the consular questionnaire and other terms of getting the visa. Upon arrival to Russia, foreign visitors are to register their visas in 3 working days.

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